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The Shy Little Kitten is a Little Golden Book. It was one of the original twelve Golden books to be published in 1942.


Way up in the hayloft of an old red barn live a mother cat and her new baby kittens. Five out of six are bold and frisky and black and white, but one is striped and very, very shy. One day the kittens wash up and climb down the hayloft. They follow their mother into the warm sunshine. The five frisky kittens roll around in the grass, but the shy little kitten just stands there.

She sees a chubby mole pop out from the ground, who asks her if she can take a walk with her. The shy little kitten doesn't see her siblings and mother anywhere, so she walking with the mole. They see a speckled frog sitting near the pond. The frog happened to have big eyes, and also a much bigger mouth. The mole and the kitten laugh when they see the frog open his mouth wide.

The shy little kitten has to get back to her family, but doesn't know where to find them. Luckily, someone can help her, which is a shaggy black puppy. But the puppy stops to bark at a red squirrel in a tree, who drops a nut on the little dog's nose.

The pup and the kitten race down the hill and across and bridge and straight into the farmyard. The mother cat asks where the shy little kitten has been. There was a picnic for all the farm animals. There are seeds for the chickens, water bugs for the ducks, and carrots and cabbages for the carrots. There are flies for the frog and there is a trough of mash for the pig.

It really was a delicious picnic. Then the frog jumped into the air crying for help and diving into the brook, with everyone following him. The frog says he bit a bee and had a sting in his mouth. Everyone, even the frog, laughed. Out of the brook, the kitten rolled around in the grass, thinking it was the best day ever.


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