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  1. Daddies
  2. Daddies All About the Work They Do
  3. Daisy Dog's Wake-Up Book
  4. Dale Evans and the Coyote
  5. Dale Evans and The Lost Gold Mine
  6. Dan Yacarrino's Mother Goose
  7. Daniel Boone
  8. Daniel in the Lion's Den
  9. Danny Beaver's Secret
  10. Darby O'Gill
  11. Darkwing Duck The Silly Canine Caper
  12. David and Goliath
  13. Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier
  14. Davy Crockett's Keelboat Race
  15. Day At the Beach
  16. Day at the Playground
  17. Day at the Seashore
  18. Day at the Zoo
  19. Day In the Jungle
  20. Day of the Diesels
  21. Day On the Farm
  22. Day Snuffy Had the Sniffles
  23. Deep Blue Sea
  24. Dennis the Menace A Quiet Afternoon
  25. Dennis the Menace and Ruff
  26. Dennis the Menace Waits for Santa Claus
  27. Deputy Mater Saves the Day
  28. Detective Mickey Mouse
  29. Dexter's Laboratory Zappo Chang-O
  30. Dick Tracy
  31. Dino Parade
  32. Dinosaurs
  33. Disneyland on The Air
  34. Disneyland Parade with Donald Duck
  35. Doctor Dan at the Circus
  36. Doctor Dan the Bandage Man
  37. Doctor is in
  38. Doctor Squash the Doll Doctor
  39. Dog Stamps
  40. Dogs
  41. Donald Duck and Santa Claus
  42. Donald Duck and the Big Dog
  43. Donald Duck and the Biggest Dog In Town
  44. Donald Duck and the Christmas Carol
  45. Donald Duck and the Mouseketeers
  46. Donald Duck and the One Bear
  47. Donald Duck and the Witch
  48. Donald Duck and the Witch Next Door
  49. Donald Duck in America On Parade
  50. Donald Duck in Disneyland
  51. Donald Duck Instant Millionaire
  52. Donald Duck Lost and Found
  53. Donald Duck Private Eye
  54. Donald Duck Prize Driver
  55. Donald Duck Some Ducks Have All the Luck
  56. Donald Duck's Adventure
  57. Donald Duck's Christmas Tree
  58. Donald Duck's Safety Book
  59. Donald Duck's Toy Sailboat
  60. Donald Duck's Toy Train
  61. Donny and Marie The Top Secret Project
  62. Don't Rain on my Pug-rade
  63. Dora-Big Ballet Show
  64. Dora The Unicorn King
  65. Dora in Magic Land
  66. Dora's Birthday Surprise
  67. Dorothys Garden (Wiggles)
  68. Double Trouble A Story About Twins
  69. Dr. Ruth, Grandma On Wheels
  70. Doctor.Strange
  71. Dragon Hiccups
  72. Dragon In the Wagon
  73. Dragon in the School (Dora)
  74. Duck and His Friends
  75. Duck Tales The Hunt For the Giant Pearl
  76. Duck Tales The Secret City Under the Sea
  77. Dumbo

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