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Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky

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Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky
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Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky (December 24, 1891 – October 12, 1970), also known as Rojan, was a Russian emigré illustrator. He is best known for his illustrations for children's books, and conversely, for his erotic illustrations.

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Born in Mitava, Russia, Rojankovsky was educated at the Moscow Fine Arts Academy and served in the Russian Army during WWI. Soon afterward, he moved to France and studied under Esther Averill. In 1941, he moved to the US and began a career of illustrating more than a hundred books, most having to do with animals and/or nature. Rojankovsky also wrote books, a good example being The Great Big Animal Book, published in 1952. He was awarded the 1956 Caldecott Medal for his illustrations in the book Frog Went A-Courtin'.


"Two great events determined the course of my childhood. I was taken to the zoo and saw the most marvelous creatures on earth: bears, tigers, monkeys and reindeer, and, while my admiration was running high, I was given a set of color crayons. Naturally, I began immediately to depict the animals which captured my imagination. Also when my elder brothers, who were in schools in the capital, came home for vacation, I tried to copy their drawings and to imitate their paintings."





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