Alice's First Words

Alices first words

Adapted by Anna H. Dickson
First year published
Sesame Street

Alice's First Words is a 1989 Sesame Street storybook featuring Alice Snuffleupagus.

Story Edit

Alice and Snuffy are brother and sister. Alice knows a lot of her first words.

  • Jump: Alice jumps rope with Snuffy.
  • Duck: Alice sees Ernie with Rubber Duckie in a pool.
  • Bird: Alice sees Bert feeding a pigeon.
  • Telephone: Alice sees Super Grover on the telephone.
  • Rabbit: Alice sees Mumford pull a rabbit out of a hat.
  • Swing: Alice swings on a tire swing.
  • Book: Alice sees Betty Lou reading a book
  • Dinosaur: Elmo shows Alice a dinosaur.
  • Boot: Alice sees Oscar catching a boot.
  • Tricycle: Alice rides a tricycle with Herry.
  • Dog: Alice plays with Barkley.
  • Ball: Alice plays Snuffleball with friends.
  • Monster: Alice sees Cookie Monster.
  • Banana: Cookie